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Organic Winemaking


Viticulture is a life-affirming, joy-giving cultural asset that we in the Stolleis family have been cultivating and preserving since 1668. We know that healthy soil is the basis for our good wines. Our soil is our most valuable asset. In our actions, we always have in mind to preserve the vineyards that we inherited from our ancestors in such a way that the next generation can also make a living from them.

Our claim is healthy and vital soil with an optimal humus content, which is covered by natural greenery and is protected from compaction and erosion. Our careful handling also makes fertilizer or nitrogen doses redundant. We use organic ways to control pests and make sure to use minimal crop protection products. We don’t use glyphosate or anything alike.


Since 2019, our company has been in the process of converting to organic cultivation. Since then, vineyards have been cultivated and independently controlled according to the guidelines of organic viticulture.

This careful handling of our vineyards is firmly anchored in our tradition. The vineyards are part of our family. Every year we make sure to only take what the vines and soil have to offer and what nature gives us. We know that this will result in reduced yields though our wines reward us with the high quality of enjoyment.

We want future generations to make a living from growing wine. That is why we pay attention to the environmentally friendly cultivation of the grapes and a varietal development of the wines. It is particularly important to us to find and enjoy the character of the individual sites, the site typicality, also in the wines. This is origin you can taste!

We also attach great importance to the tradition of manual work in our winery. It’s hard to believe how often we get to each individual vine before we read the reward for our efforts during the harvest. We firmly believe that this will enable us to achieve the quality of the wines that wine lovers appreciate about Stolleis.

We want you to enjoy our wines. Because we stand for natural and authentic wines with an unmistakable character.