Gimmeldinger Meerspinne

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With the 2021 vintage, we have decided to take a new approach to the top vineyard Gimmeldinger Mandelgarten: For the first time, we have harvested and vinified the core of this top vineyard, the vineyard in the original Gewanne Meerspinne, separately. With the wine law of 1971, the name of the 7 ha small “Gewanne Meerspinne” was transferred to the 846 ha large vineyard. Thus the original character of the Meerspinne, on which its outstanding reputation in the wine world was based, was lost: the unique soil composition of lime and loess with red sandstone fragments and the cool night winds from the Gimmeldingen Valley. We want to continue this tradition of the highest quality – together with the handful of colleagues in the village, who also cultivate vineyards there – and with the 2021 vintage, we have brought the Meerspinne back to the bottle from said core for the first time.

Night winds from the nearby Gimmeldingen Valley maintain the characteristic acidity and freshness. On the east facing slope, the vines are rooted on limestone covered by a layer of red sandstone and loess. Elaborate care of these old vineyards by hand, lowest yields, hand harvest in several passes, spontaneous fermentation and long aging of the wines in traditional Palatinate piece barrels are our passionate ingredients for an impressing wine.