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Ruppertsberger Nußbien is a well-known, eastward inclined Riesling site. This site, covering 80 hectares on a hillside, is located near the Haardt hillside where the Palatine Forest begins.

In autumn, he benefits from the proximity to the forest which provides a cool, constant climate. This leads to a good balance between acidity and sweetness in the wine.

The nearby Palatinate Forest ensures a balanced climate and a good water supply for the vines even during the hot summer months. Ripeness here takes up to two weeks longer than in the neighboring Ölberg. The vines, which are over 30 years old, produce vibrant Rieslings that are characterized by lively fruit and  its juicy character.


Gimmeldinger Biengarten

Gimmeldinger Biengarten

vineyard Gimmeldinger Mandelgarten

Gimmeldinger Mandelgarten

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Gimmeldinger Meerspinne

vineyard Haardter Herzog

Haardter Herzog

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Königsbacher Ölberg

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Mußbacher Eselshaut