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It has long been considered the origin of excellent Rieslings: The Königsbacher Ölberg. The fact that superb Rieslings grow in Königsbacher Ölberg is nothing new. In the “Royal Bavarian Land Tax Assessment” from 1828, the Ölberg was given the highest tax rate, as its wines have always been considered to be of particularly high quality.

However, the equal taxation nowadays does not change the outstanding quality that our two Ölberg parcels produce year after year. Both vineyards are more than 35 years old, have the lowest yields (less than 45 hl / ha), but we get rewarded with particularly tasty, thick-skinned berries. In this top location in the Palatinate, at the northern entry of Königsbach, the soil is shaped by limestone-containing marl with loam, which is mixed with red sandstone deposits in the upper soil layer.
Already in the early morning hours the sun reachs the east-sloping Ölberg and accelerate the development of the vines. Up to 2 weeks earlier than in the Nussbien, which is only 200 meters away, we reach a suitable ripeness level here. Nevertheless, the nearby Palatinate Forest ensures early shade in the afternoon and cool breezes at night, especially in the hot summer months. The Riesling from the Ölberg is characterized by its elegant and distinctive – typical for the Palatinate – fruit, which is accompanied by a balanced acidity.
The Königsbacher Ölberg is one of our Grands Crus (“Großen Lagen”). Our finest wines grow here. They represent the peak of our quality pyramid and come from sites whose names are standing for outstanding qualities since centuries. They are unique representatives of their origins, who already show delicate aromas during their young age but have a particular potential for aging. Meticulous care of these old vineyards by hand, lowest yields, hand-picking in several rounds, spontaneous fermentation and long maturation of the wines in traditional wooden barrels are characteristics of these multifaceted individualists.


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